Saturday, November 26, 2005

pouffy sleeves?? who knew

It's been a freaking long time since you last actually enjoyed something you do throughout the day and you're beginning to be able to redraw the appearance of your bedroom in your head. *cue fun person intervention*

Okay.. so, sometimes times get tough and you have a lot to do. It's understandable that you would stay in, frequently, take some down time, and get stuff done. BUT.. when is too much down time.. really too much?

I was suffering from this downtime syndrome for the past week. I didn't even realize I had a problem until I was invited out for a day on the town. Well, considering this is Prince George... a day on the town consisted of travelling the 15 minute bus ride to the one and only mall.... WOOOO! But I was game non the less.

I've been reading a lot of fashion magazines lately (while on the eliptical machine... yah working out!) and I've noticed a lot of victorian blouses coming back into style. At first I thought.. haha, yah right.. weird! THEN... as I was enjoying my shopping experience in PG's one and only... I came across a rack of these such blouses. I began peaking through.. curious to see if anyone was noticing me. Was I weird for being attracted to such random fun??

However, I got over my silly fear when I saw one I liked. It was adorable. A cream colour, little clasps all up the front, almost like a corset. A somewhat flowery mesh pattern all over... without colour, just the cream. And it had slightly pouffy sleeves. It was cute.. but I mean.. pouffy sleeves.. me??? tres bizarre.

buuuuut, I got over myself and sucked it up. I tried it on.. I LOVED IT. it was adorable and would go fabulously with black dress pants or dark jeans.. ooooh how lovely. I was so excited... and, if I was feeling extra devious.. I could undo a few clasps in the front! VERSATILE! I was uber uber excited...

until i noticed the price tag. $40... oyi.. now, I know this sure doens't seem like a lot. but trust me, once you hit university.. where you're paying $13,000 for your stupid education.. money becomes an issue. Not only that.. I am quite the el cheapo! ask anyone who has ever shopped with me! sooo... to sadly finish the story... I did not purchase the amazing victorian blouse.

But I did get pants.. which I now realize are too tight and will not stretch to my stupid (but i love you) body. So now I must venture back down to the mall on Sunday to exchange those (damn the no return policy) sooooo.. im going to find some capri plaid dressy pants for work! woot woot! I love clothes


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy.. but not?

So... I am in an extremely pleasant mood.. and yet all I have to write about is unhappy. But, the truth must be written. I did poorly on my first University midterm. I am very upset because I thought I did awesome. I left the exam thinking it was easier than I had expected it to be. And then I just got my grade and it is definitely not up to par. I have to admit, I phoned my dear daddy to tell him about it, but he was not home. I don't know what to do. I thought I knew my stuff, and I thought it was easy, and yet my mark isn't good. hmmm, perhaps I will get my midterm back tomorrow in class and realize that they accidently forgot to add a page of marks which will give me a 90% on the midterm... think it's plauseable? Probably not, but hey... what's the point in living if you cannot dream???

Sunday, October 09, 2005


So... you wake up to the wonderous feeling of a throat the size of your thighs combined, a nose that is so full with snooters that you can't even sniffle through it, your eyes are all puffy, your neck and shoulders ache uncontrollably and you declare, "I AM SICK!" What a fabulous morning.. no?

Welcome to my past few mornings. Doctor says, "Tonsillitis, take 4 pills everyday for 12 days" I say, "Why thank you for the drugs doctor, seems I won't be adventuring into the teenage dabbling art of 'getting smashed' anytime soon. Doctor, "You will feel better in 2 days, but you must finish the perscription or it will get worse." "Yes Doctor, of course I know that!"
But honestly, how does that make any sense at all? What is the point in continuing to take drugs if your need for them no longer persists? I will never understand science.

She let do her makeup tonight. Because we had been watching "What not to wear wannabe" for a few hours and I was flipping through a fashion magazine. My dream job, anything associated with working for a fashion/make up magazine. How awesome would that be? Getting to work with clothes, or make up, or the art of putting a magazine together, creating a front cover, writing editorials. Jeez, I would love to do any of it. hmmm, now.. how do I get myself into that field.... NO FREAKIN CLUE. well, maybe one day it'll come to me. Any ideas? Be sure to let me know!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Have you ever been through a life-changing, eye-opening experience? --no? I suggest you do so asap. I packed up my things, left my family, my friends and the love of my life.. for what? An experience, a feeling, a need. I needed to escape, and yet, did I? When it came time for me to leave, so many questions arose in my head. Was I making the right decision? Would things back home change while I was gone? Would I lose him? Would I make it on my own?
I've now been here for over a month and I've settled in. My view on many random aspects of life have changed dramatically. I appreciate the little things that are done for you while you live at home with your parents. I appreciate the accessibility of meeting new people and creating a new circle of friends. I am learning to read my own self, and connect with my body's needs. Moving away for post-secondary was the best choice I've made so far.
Things are home will change and when I go home, nothing will be the exact same as it was. But even if I had stayed at home, nothing would of stayed dormant. This was I have more stories to tell my friends. And I have more friends to tell my stories too. It's a win-win. And so far, I have not yet lost him. I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon.